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Some people think that internships are intimidating or unattainable, but if you’re motivated, if you’re prepared and open, it can give your career wings.


Whether you are an Indiana Wesleyan University student or Indiana business, this website provides all the information you need to apply for the Lilly grant-funded internship program of IWU. This website also offers valuable resources for employers and students regarding ways to maximize the internship experience.



"The best experience so far is all of the different programs I have learned. From Serpstat, Adobe, Active Campaign, and many more. I have enjoyed learning everything at my internship. I will take away the experience and knowledge on how to create effective marketing materials that are focused on the consumer, not the business and how to create something with a great design."

~Amanda Gray: Fusion Creative

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Indiana Employers

We give Indiana employers the chance to hire an IWU student as an intern at no cost to you, the employer. Thanks to a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Indiana Wesleyan will pay a student to intern at your business. We are looking for businesses and organizations that are growing and have a desire to hire students for full-time jobs right here in Indiana. We highly value the student experience, so we are also looking for employers who can give students an internship with meaningful work and transferable skills. 


Internship Opportunities for IWU Students


These unique opportunities allow you as an IWU student the chance to work at one of several Indiana businesses and see first-hand what it takes for entrepreneurs to be successful. You will have the chance to see many sides of a business and learn valuable skills with real-world experience, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition. You should approach an internship as one long interview. Many employers take on an intern with the hope of turning them into a full-time employee. Even if you don’t receive a full-time offer at the end of your internship, or you choose to turn it down, the skills and experience you gain are great for your resume and future career.


Career Development at IWU

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Internships are a wonderful opportunity to jump-start your career, but they are just a part of the many services we offer in our Career Development Office. We can help with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, career coaching, LinkedIn, professional headshots and more!


"I think the best part of this internship so far has just been the ability to work with a team—using my skill set to help complete a project. Stretching my skills and what I am comfortable with, along with meeting lots of new people has also been great."
~ Lauren Dafoe: Marion Design Co.  

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